The 2011 Bruins Team Will Reunite Tonight On A Live Stream And Re-Watch Game 7 Of The Cup Final And I Am Emotional

I will be watching the #UNBOXING tonight (8pm on Dave's insta/Barstool Youtube) because I am Team Portnoy through and through but you bet the second that is over I will be watching the Youtube stream filled with the guys from the 2011 team watching Game 7 back. NESN has been airing the entire Cup run and it's been awesome to re-watch, I'm sure you can tell from some of my Wake Up blogs that I am full blown living in the past but that team was just so fucking good. Down 2-0 in the final and then they came roaring back, demolished Vancouver in Game 6 and then blanked them in 7. First team in NHL history to win 3 Game 7's in a playoff year. Just an incredible team through and through and hopefully we hear some great stories tonight about the run and that team.

Not 100% sure who will be on the stream but it looks like it'll be the likes of Marchand, Lucic, Campbell, Chara, Bergeron, McQuaid, Ference, Paille, Horton, Kelly, Peverley, Rask, Recchi, Ryder, Seguin, Seidenberg, Boychuk and Thornton based off the promo video.

No wonder the B's had to throw in a "viewer discretion is advised" for this haha. Excited for the unfiltered commentary.

p.s it'd be great to see more Boston teams get back together to talk about their championships like this. I'm sure there are more great stories waiting to be told.

p.p.s this is still the best video on the planet.