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Sydney Maler Thinks The Spurs Will Never Win The Premier League :(

I hadn't heard of this Sydney A Maler before stumbling upon this video. With over 1.2 million followers on Instagram, the model seems to be doing just fine for herself. She also has a podcast called "Sorry Mom" which is done with Nikki Howard:

Now that we have set the blueprint to who Sydney is, let's get to the video at hand. More specifically, the unprovoked SHOT in the video. I know it's a Cameo and all, but she posted it on her Instagram, which makes here enemy #1 on the north side of London. 

Will the Spurs ever win a Premier League title? Probably not. No need to set unrealistic expectations. I'll take a trophy or two before wishing for a Premiership. Maybe an FA Cup? Don't get me wrong, that ICC Cup in 2018 was electric, but let's get a domestic cup or something. 

Maybe Sydney can do one of these Cameos for Arsenal. Then all would be fine in the world. Tell em that shite club is going to be playing on Thursdays for the rest of their lives.