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That's A Good Bit!

Today for "That's A Good Bit," I am going with a gentleman who left us way too soon. El Paso comedian, Freddy Soto. Freddy was 35 and set to explode into stardom when he passed away. Freddy Left El Paso for L.A in 1990.  He originally got a job as a limousine driver for comedian Richard Pryor. then like a lot of other successful comcis, got a job as a doorman at The Comedy Store in West Hollywood. 

I was lucky to seem him perform several times at the Tempe, Improv in 2001/2002. His ability to tell family stories and impersonate his dad was just fantastic.  It was always a blast when he was there. he had the same fun energy off stage as on. Would be making us laugh so hard in the kitchen and out by the bar. The best weekends were with the funny guys who were exactly the same on and off the stage. It felt cool to know we got an extra show nobody could get in the crowd. "He was so funny up there, i wish you could have seen the shit he was doing at the bar before he went up!"

The man was extremely talented and a please to watch. Here are a couple great bits of his.


Living with your parents in your 20's.