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Good News Tuesday: Shaun Weiss AKA Goldberg From "The Mighty Ducks" Is Looking A Whole Lot Better And Thriving In Rehab

Page Six- Troubled “Mighty Ducks” star Shaun Weiss has been “thriving” since entering rehab following his drug-related arrest earlier this year, a close pal said on Facebook. Drew Gallagher, who has been posting frequent updates about Weiss, shared a new photo of the 41-year-old on March 26 that shows the former actor appearing to have put on a healthy amount of weight.

On Jan. 28, Weiss was arrested for allegedly breaking into a California home while on meth, according to police. Gallagher said on March 9 that he and another friend had set up Weiss with a 90-day program to help him get back on track with his sobriety.

We could all use a little bit of good news during this shitstorm, right? I thought we were at the point that Goldberg would just be going through the typical Faces Of Meth transformation where each picture was more horrifying than the last before we got a picture of him looking young and healthy on his obituary.

Instead, Shaun appears to be getting the help he needs and is looking much better than he did in January by packing on some pounds, which is something many of us can't say in quarantine.  Here's to hoping he comes out clean on the other side and stays that way because those mugshots were gasp worthy. 2020 has been a fucker of a year and it's not even halfway over. But there's no reason why it can't be the year that Goldberg rises back to the top.