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The Redskins Are Listening To Trade Offers For The Number 2 Pick, As They Should Be

It'd be downright silly for the Redskins not to be picking up the phone to listen to offers for the number 2 overall pick. So when rumors were flying this morning, as they are going to do 2 days out from the draft, I didn't think anything of it. Why wouldn't they do their due-diligence and see what the market is offering for the #2 overall pick? I mean you can be in love with your house that you currently live in. You could have spent year decorating it and making it perfect. You never want to move. But then someone comes knocking with a briefcase full of 1 billion dollars, you're selling that god damn house. 

And that's where the Skins are at. They are taking Chase Young at #2 unless Jeff Bezos and his ho train show up at Redskins Park and offer a fortune for the pick. I don't even know what it would take at this point. 2 starters and multiple firsts? Something like that? It would take an arm and a leg and then some.

2 more days and Draft Madness will be behind us. I love the draft. So much build up, so many "experts" who think they know everything, and then draft day comes and some guy who the experts had as a 3rd rounder gets taken 24th, some guy who was "can't miss" on Mel Kiper's board drops out of the first round, it's complete mayhem .Every year we KNOW nobody really knows that much, but it doesn't stop us from grading things instantly and absolutely pounding teams if we don't like their pick. It's truly a tradition unlike any other, and we all know it's dumb, and we're never going to stop. 2 more days. Cannot wait.