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Who Would Win An Episode Of Barstool GUTS?

So this past Friday night Clem and I started our new show - Barstool TGIF. We're both children of the 90s and this is for everyone like us - aka olds. At 9pm every Friday we're going to talk through a show, video games, whatever that you want from the 90s. We started with arguably the greatest game show of that decade - Nick's GUTS and we were lucky enough to have Mike O'Malley (aka Jimmy Hughes aka the Rick) join us to talk about the show, relationship with Mo and of course the Aggro Crag. 

But, as you can see with him wearing Barstool merch, Mike is a big Stoolie. Naturally this led to a conversation of him wanting to do play-by-play with Dave for a Barstool GUTS competition. It got Clem and I thinking - a. how awesome it would be as guys in our mid-30s to climb the Aggro Crag and b. who the hell would win this? 

Here's where it gets difficult. There are hundreds of people that work at Barstool now. With this being a 3-person competition you almost have to put this into teams like Global Guts did with countries. Even that gets tough to break down. I'm envisioning something like Team Portnoy, Team Chicago, Team Barstool U, Team New York, Team Boston, Team Chicks, Team Breakfast, Team Hard Factor, Team PMT or maybe a Team Former Pro Athletes. 

I'll be honest though - I like my chances here regardless. Why? I've watched way too much GUTS in my life to not know how to play. My buddy Clem already said he'd be out because he may have a heart attack, there goes one down. Who do I think are the top competitors? Myself, Kmarko, Pat, Chief, Carl, Kate, Feits and Marty. That would be the top tier. Just missing it would be KFC 

Coley also a close cut, but then I remembered this: 

All I know is if you're giving me the basketball, soccer combo to start this episode off I'm winning. Plain and simple. 

I'm dead serious when I say I wish we could put this together. Imagine the roasts Dave would have. Imagine the 1-2 combo of him and Mike on the call with Mo still around. Give me a chance to do the Aggro Crag. It's on the bucket list, as it should be for pretty much everyone. Clem and I will be back this Friday at 9pm to do Rock n Jock basketball with KFC and Trill Withers. You can watch via YouTube or on our Twitter accounts (Clem and Reags). 

Who would you put as the favorite to win an episode of GUTS? 

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