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Looks Like Happy Madison Productions Is Releasing A Movie Within The 50 First Dates Universe

Clem blogged last week about finding out that the Chris Farley classic "Tommy Boy" took place in the same cinematic universe at Adam Sandler's "50 First Dates"

Now it's looking like we're about to get another one in the same universe as well after Sandler tweeted out a preview to what looks like the newest Happy Madison production "The Wrong Missy"

The premise is David Spade plays a dorky accountant lookin' MF that accidentally bumps into a gorgeous blonde at the airport and ends up having a drink with her in a once in a lifetime opportunity because she turns out to be Ms. Maryland. Her name is Missy. Nick Swardson, another Sandler staple, convinces him to invite her on his trip to Hawaii. 

He gives in, she says yes, BUT in a twist no one saw coming, it turns out to be - you guessed it - the Wrong Missy. 

So like I said, they're going to Hawaii. And what other Sandler classic takes place in Hawaii? 50 First Dates. Enter another tie-in to the Sandler / Farley universe.

At the 1:33 mark you'll notice Sandler regular Rob Schneider make an appearance in what seems like a callback to his classic character 'Ula' from 50 First Dates

Like Clem talked about in his discovery of Tommy Boy and 50 First Dates being in the same universe, are we looking at a Marvel style coming together of Sandler characters?

It'd be a 90's baby like me's dream come true.