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Guess How Old The Queen Of England Is Turning Today

If you said three-hundred and five like me, you're wrong. Turns out that old sack of bones is ninety-four years old today. 

You'd never be able to tell considering her skin care routine rivals that of Jennifer Lopez and Deloris Jordan. I mean the lady doesn't look a day over seventy-five. Her husband/cousin on the other hand (yes, that's really a thing), doesn't look too hot. Ever since Prince Phillip appeared dead behind the wheel of a Range Rover last year people have been worried about him. 

For the record he's ninety-eight years old. But today is not about him, today is about celebrating Britain's longest reigning monarch… her majesty…The Queen. By my estimation she has at least another fifty years in her. Royals never die. So happy birthday, babe. Live it up and be sure to social distance. 

On a serious note, Queen Elizabeth's life is absolutely fascinating. She's experienced and been a part of way more history than you realize. The doc I attached below does a pretty good job of highlighting some of her biggest moments. Give it a watch if you have the time.