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"If We're Gonna Die, Let Us Die Drunk" - Hero Woman Who Needs To Run For Pennsylvania Governor

I can't think of anything that is less American than the liquor laws in Pennsylvania. The state owns and runs all of the liquor stores, where they only sell liquor and wine. So if you want to grab a case of beer to go along with a bottle of whiskey, that means you need to make a stop at a state-run liquor store and then you've gotta make a separate stop at a beer store. More grocery stores are finally starting to get their licenses to sell beer and wine but for the longest time, you could only get only beer at a beer store. You can't buy beer at a gas station. You could get a 6-pack at some pizza shops but only 6-packs. But yeah, the biggest "what kind of Swedish shit do we have going on here" thing is that the state owns and runs all of the liquor stores. 

And to top it all off, these assholes decided to close all the liquor stores when the state shutdown for quarantine. The population of Pennsylvania is around 12.8 million. So if I had to take a guess here, I'd say that roughly 11 million people in Pennsylvania need to liquor up in order to keep themselves from going crazy during quarantine. And the state just said "yeah go fuck yourselves". Sure, the private beer stores are still open but you've gotta switch it up here and there or else you're going to get fat as fuck if you just keep deleting a zillion beer every week. 

The issue is that Governor Wolf is clearly a dork. Buddy probably has a glass of wine with dinner once a week for the heart health benefits and then sips on nothing else but 2% milk for the rest of the week. Which is why we need to bump up the next gubernatorial election in Pennsylvania and throw this lady on the ballot. 

"If we're gonna die, let us die drunk. At least" is the best campaign slogan I've ever heard. This is a candidate who would abolish all the liquor laws in Pennsylvania on her first day in office. A politician who actually follows up her words with action. She is the hero that Pennsylvania needs right now because if this goes on for much longer, there's going to be a full fledged rebellion on our hands here. I'd rather just give her the job and start drinking right away than having to fight a war.