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You're Not Good Enough At Tennis To Play Across Rooftops So Don't Even Try It

It's a copycat league here on the worldwide web. As soon as someone sees something go viral, everybody immediately rushes to recreate it. That's why there's a "challenge" for everything now. We've been in quarantine for like 40 days or something at this point and there have already been roughly 976 different "challenges" on social media. 

So now we get to these two playing a quick rooftop set in Italy. And sure, it's pretty impressive. But you see those numbers on that tweet? You see all those retweets and likes? Well that right there just solidified the fact that now we're going to have more people out there launching serves all across their neighborhood. And guess what? Most of you suck at tennis. The majority, in fact. So now you're gonna be sitting in your living room one afternoon just crushing through some episodes of Letterkenny and all of a sudden your window is getting smoked by serve after serve. You go to take the dog out for a walk real quick and you take a backhand off the dome. 

But it doesn't stop there. Eventually you'll have people putting on a rooftop home run derby. Because in theory, that idea sounds fucking sick. But then you get to the first pitch. 

Or maybe you're in Baltimore and you've got a bunch of TikToking lax players trying to get their clout game up by having a little rooftop toss around. Then one kid gets a little too cocky and...

So if there's one viral video that we, as a society, could just skip over and not turn into any sort of "challenge", let's allow rooftop tennis to pass by. I'm almost positive this is all a ploy by Big Window to boost business.