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Listen To Dirk's Story Of Charles Barkley Trying To Cheat To Get Dirk To Play College Hoops At Auburn

I don't think it's a secret that Charles Barkley LOVES Auburn. It's also not a secret that this story has been out there before. But every time I hear it, I laugh my ass off. This image of Chuck approaching a young Dirk and just openly being like 'yeah whatever you need to go to Auburn, I got you.' That's an all-time booster move. I could listen to Dirk and Chuck share stories all day. Just two wildly different guys that are A+ storytellers and always down for a good time. 

That said, there was a 0.0% chance Dirk would ever go to Auburn. He says so himself! Everyone knows if he was going to college, he was going to go to Kentucky. Not even me being a homer, just a fact: 

He would have joined a team with Jamaal Maglorie and Tayshaun Prince in 1998-99. A team that lost in the Elite Eight. That team with Dirk would have been a Final Four team if not the national champ. You can’t convince me otherwise.

But trying to get Dirk to Auburn? That's just a smart business move by Chuck. Look at the (alleged) payments Cam Newton got. $200,000 was the rumor and that led to a Heisman, national title and way more revenue than that. Dirk would have made any hoops team relevant when he went to college. Dude was FILTHY even back then.