Everything Is The Worst But Here's A Kid Trying Queso For The First Time

Like I said, everything is the worst right now. It's bad. It might seem like it's getting better but it's still very very bad. So I try to take a few minutes out of every day and find something that isn't horrible and doesn't make me feel horrible. What did I find today? I found a kid trying queso for the first time and it is an absolute delightful watch. We've seen videos like this before where little kids try things like bacon or pizza for the first time and their brains explode. Up until that point all they know is boobie milk and that DISGUSTING baby food that wouldn't even pass for prison food. Then they're introduced to the finer things in life like mother fucking QUESO and their whole world changes. Queso is so good man. I know that everyone knows that queso is good but I still don't think we talk about it enough. It's right up there with bacon in the sense that anything you put it on instantly gets 300% better. It's magic, queso is actually magic. So just remember that no matter how bad things get, there will probably always be queso (unless the world ends and ya know), and that's a beautiful thing.

Anyway. Have a great Tuesday. Things will get better.