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Draymond Green Is Right - Kevin Durant Was A Shitty Co-Worker

Listen, I don't want to defend Draymond too much here because it's Draymond and he can be tough to defend. But anyone that has worked in an office setting can relate to Draymond here. Kevin Durant is a shitty co-worker. Why? It's more, unnecessary work for Draymond. Everyone in an office knows that one person (it was probably me since I was blogging in my office for 3 years) who is refusing to get shit done, not answer the boss honestly and it falls on you. You have to deal with questions you don't want to deal with. 

And you know what's annoying? Answering questions about other people you have no idea the answer to. Sure, NBA questions and rosters are way different than office life, but the fact is you don't want to do more work. You don't want to be frustrated because someone else is telling the media to fuck off. You don't want to deal with unnecessary stress because everyone wants Draymond's take on it. 

Durant probably should have told at least the front office or a couple of the guys like yeah this is likely my last go round, just tell the media to fuck off. Let your teammates know. I don't blame Durant for leaving or anything like that - it's all part of a contract. My point is he was the shitty co-worker creating extra stress for no reason. 

Long story short: I don't know where Coach Duggs is thinking of going to after USC.