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Wake Up With Michael Jordan and Tom Brady Winning the Jordan Celebrity Invitational

Long before there was a “The Last Dance” docuseries and a Tompa Bay, there was the 2006 Michael Jordan Celebrity Invitational. And a winning team comprised of nothing less than the most successful team sports athletes of the last 50 years.

I don’t know if you’ve picked up on it yet, because the filmmakers haven’t really been emphasizing the point much. But Jordan is competitive. Like really, really competitive. Which is to say really, very, super hyper-competitive. He likes to win things. So does his 2006 playing partner. So you have to appreciate how, in the process of winning this thing easily, all they did was bitch about the putts they missed and the birdie opportunities they blew. They each sound like they couldn’t break 100 at the local muni and went through a case of balls.

This is just further proof that some guys are just touched by the gods with the right blend of talent and desire. Here are two pluperfect examples. As a matter of fact, it’s  incredible to think that at this point, the two of them only had three more championships in their future.