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All 30 MLB Teams Are Being Sued For Not Providing Ticket Refunds For The Last Month of Unplayed Games

The suit, which seeks the class-action certification that would enable all fans to join, demands a refund of ticket costs and ancillary fees for games that have not been played.

Well, well, well. Look what we have here. A good old fashioned class-action lawsuit against Major League Baseball. You want a refund on the 2020 games that haven't been played yet? I say we start with a refund on the entire 2017 season. That was more corrupt than this.

But I will say, I'm pretty lost as to what they're suing for. How has baseball not refunded the money? The games have been cancelled. Fans should get their money back. Right.........?

The league has advised teams to list unplayed games as postponed rather than canceled and said it hopes to play as many games as possible.

Ahhhh, semantics like you read about. I'm shocked the usually very fan friendly execs at Major League Baseball sent out this advisory.

No, you silly little fans. These games haven't been "cancelled", they've simply been POSTPONED. Nothing more than a rain delay here. It's not like we're a month into the season and a grand total of zero games have been played. It's not like we're dealing with a global pandemic so bad that they're proposing sending all of the teams to Arizona to play without fans. It's not like doctors are saying there won't be fans at sporting events until 2021. Nope, let's just call this a rain delay. No need to fuss about refunds. We'll make it up soon, don't worry.


I mean it's a pretty forgone conclusion that fans aren't going to be at games for a really long time. And teams are still holding onto money from their March games? What about season ticket holders? That can be tens of thousands of dollars they've put up with no product in return. During a recession with unemployment nearing 20%, no less!

I guess now that I think about it, I've never been refunded by the Indians for my Opening Day tickets. I figured that was just a thing that would automatically happen. But upon further review, my tickets are still on the site, just waiting for the makeup date to be announced.

Sign me up for this class-action lawsuit. I want my $150 back for tickets, as well as a million dollars in emotional damages.

**and as much as the people complaining about the tickets are 100% right, how in the world has MLB TV not at least partially refunded subscriptions?????

Come on MLB. Be better, one time. We know you're not busy right now!!!!