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GRUMORS REVIVED: Jon Gruden Drops In On Tennessee Class, Talks With Running Back Ty Chandler

I will never forget GrumorSZN, the wildest month of my time at the University of Tennessee — which eventually led to the hiring and firing of Greg Schiano and fan uprising, but you know that story.

There had been Grumors before, but never at the level which we saw in 2017. He was eating with the administration at Calhoun's. His wife was looking at property outside of Knoxville. His went on a radio interview and said how much he loved Rocky Top. Hell, we had a radio host sit out at the airport live on periscope for two hours waiting on the arrival of a private plane that might have had him in it. We did it all.

I'm glad we ended up with Jeremy Pruitt and Gruden ended up where he wanted to be, and it's good to see we can all have some fun with it now. The only time in Knoxville more fun than the last coaching search is the next one. Hopefully that won't be for a while, but whenever it is, we'll be ready.

And we're bringing the Grumors back with us.