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This Is A Bad Idea

Since you asked, this is a bad idea. This man found out the virus can spread asymptomatically like last week and now he's opening things back up? Gyms? Nail salons? BOWLING ALLEYS??

Imagine how fast a virus could spread at a bowling alley. Those shoes haven't been cleaned since Y2K and germs are traveling first class via the bowling balls themselves. If it's a bowling alley with a sizeable arcade? Forget about it. How many times do you wipe off the air hockey mallets before you jump in? When's the last time you think the controls for Golden Tee got a good scrubbin? And nothing says cleanliness like bowling alley cuisine. 

Until this very second, I never realized how filthy a bowling alley is just by the virtue of it being a bowling alley. Nobody stays home from the bowling alley if you're feeling a little sick. It's not a place you go often enough to pass on an invitation so you'd probably take your sick ass there and play Pop-A-Shot with a basketball that was made when the NBA had six teams. 

How long do you think that virus is going to last in a bowling shoe? Between the kitchen/bowling alley/arcade cesspool, is it possible we're opening up breeding grounds for a new virus that is much worse because it was BIRTHED IN A BOWLING ALLEY? We shall see.

Well, you will. I won't because my governor wants us all dead by Memorial Day.