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Yannick Ngokoue And Son Of The Jaguars Owner Get In A Twitter Argument, Torpedo His Trade Value

So things have come to a head with Yannick Ngakoue. He is publicly calling out Tony Khan, the son of Shad Khan, the Jags owner, asking to be traded. It's hard to take Tony Khan seriously, because when you go to his twitter bio, he lists himself as the owner of his dad's team. I don't care if he has an actual ownership stake. When you are 8-years-old, the house you live in is technically YOUR house, but we all know that's actually your father's home. 

Right away, Tony responds from his dad's basement/war room.

He has immediately lost all leverage as a man. Going online to acknowledge that you've noticed how much another fella has been following you or unfollowing you is an even more bitchmade set of tendencies than the unfollower. Why would he take this bait towards public debate? He is correct in pointing out that arguing about this online hurts his star's trade value. So he continues the argument?

Thus Pandora's box is open.

We have personal information being disclosed. We behind closed door discussion talk. We have ad hominem attacks. I have my popcorn ready.

By now I am ravenously funneling popcorn into my mouth through the megaphone cone that old school cheerleaders would use. As an Eagles fan "good compensation" is a phrase I care little about, and watching the self-immolation going on in Jacksonville is an absolute delight.

By now I am chopping up fine lines of popcorn kernels and doing Sigmund Freud-esque gator tails of Orville Redenbacher home recipe. Yannick doesn't give a fuck about trade value, just get him out of town.

And here is where the boys left it. Tony Khan's points about trade compensation are correct. His methodology is asinine. It doesn't matter how much the player bitches and moans, as soon as the executive (or the executive's eldest baby boy) climbs down into the fray, he is immediately the villain. Look at Jerry Krause from last night's Jordan doc; once you descend into the bullshit, you might as well burn the ladder, because you're never gonna be able to get that stink off of you.

So waddaya say Tony, Yannick to Philly for a 3rd rounder?