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You Have To Feel For This Forklift Driver Who Fell Asleep At The Wheel And Destroyed This Warehouse

Workers at places like warehouses like Amazon are being put into overdrive with practically everyone in the world home ordering shit online to pass the time. First of all, anyone who is putting in these crazy hours deserves to be commended. You want to take a quick snooze? Fine by me, you guys are one of the few people still going into work every day to help keep this economy somewhat breathing. I'm not here to make fun of this man because that's just mean, but instead I'll present to you this dubbed over version with JR because anything with JR screaming is instantly better.

Can we talk about how unstable those shelves were? That was the SLIGHTEST BUMP! It was practically a nudge. Makes me think if someone was just leaning on those shelves the whole thing was coming down regardless. This man was set up for failure and I won't have any of it. Falling asleep on the job is bad, but we gotta review the tape on this one and hold the proper people accountable. 

Also good thing this dude woke up that quick. It takes A LOT to wake up me up. I sleep through severe thunderstorms like nothing is happening outside. This man's wake up ability saved his life. He's lucky he didn't have the instincts of the fella in orange at the top of the screen. That guy just froze like a deer in head lights. If roles are reversed he ends up at the bottom of that pile. 

Obligatory Michael Scott working a forklift scene