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This Was Easily My Favorite Line MJ Dropped In 'The Last Dance'

Just because baseball isn't here right now doesn't mean my hatred for the Cubs is gone. OF COURSE I'm going to take every opportunity I can to laugh at their expense. THE CUBS HAVE BEEN REBUILDING FOR 42 YEARS!!!  But hey MJ...


1998-1908= 90.  At the exact time of this line drop it was NINETY (90) years since their last championship. 90! Don't give the Cubs credit when they don't deserve it, MJ. In fact shit down their throat like you did back in 1994:

I really needed that quote. It took me back to better times. Times when there was baseball being played and I could laugh at the Cubs expense here and there, even if those times have become fewer and farther between in the last 5-6 years.  

And just for the record, yes I'm petty. Yes, the White Sox have been bad for over a decade. Yes, the Cubs have dominated them on and off the field in the recent past. Yes, I shouldn't talk shit considering the team I've rooted for has stunk for 12 years. But as the goddamn millennials say, "IDGAF". 

Oh and speaking of MJ playing baseball, there's not a chance in fucking HELL Lebron could have put up these stats in AA:

I'm guessing Lebron's slash line would look something this this. .000/.000/.000 with a .000 OPS and 0 dingers and 0 RBIs. Guaranteed his swing would be long as fuck and he couldn't touch the flattest of AA fastballs. And oh my god would I pay to see him stand in the box against a pitcher with a wicked hook. That would be grade A entertainment.