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Matthew McConaughey Explaining His "Wolf Of Wall Street" Role Is Fascinating Because Everything McConaughey Does Is Fascinating

McConaughey storytelling + black and white is a cheat code. It's an immediate "Feitelberg is going to watch this" and it did not disappoint. 

My question though, because I feel like stories like this come out all the time, what the hell do writers and directors do? I know these stories come out because they're the good ones, but I feel like every iconic scene was just an actor fucking around after they nailed the take. Or that's what they want you to think, at least. This is probably one of the two most remembered scenes in Wolf of Wall Street and it was *this* close to not being a scene? It took Leonardo DiCaprio saying "hey, let's try one more take. I've got an idea" to make this happen? Where was the beautiful movie mind Martin Scorsese? No disrespect, of course, I'm not trying to insult the guy, but this is just another case of the actors driving the bus. Reminds me last night of Krause saying he won championships, no dude Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen did. Leo and McConaughey did.

PS - I hope McConaughey keeps doing these. That was awesome.