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Pray For America: Bill Clinton Just Guaranteed Coach Cal That His Grandson Is Going To Be 'Kentucky's Zion Williamson'

[Source] - “Eight months old and I think he’s going to be Kentucky’s Zion Williamson because he’s already the size of the average two-year-old,” President Clinton said. “He’s in his three-year-old brother’s clothes.”

Wait a minute. Wait a goddamn minute here. Did Bill Clinton just guarantee that Coach Cal will be the head coach at Kentucky in 2037? If that's the case, I can't wait to see Clinton's grandson and my kid run the backcourt for a youthful Calipari. Here's what it does say though. Bill Clinton is an Arkansas guy through and through. Slick Willie loves the Razorbacks. He knows that if his grandson is going to be awesome, he needs to go to Kentucky. Arkansas/Kentucky had one of the most fierce rivalries in the 90s too! Slick Willie is just out here making sure Kentucky is set with the Reagan/Clinton backcourt in 2037. Tough to argue with. 

I'm starting to think Clinton is obsessed with Kentucky - but then again who isn't? Even people who hate Kentucky can only think about them. He watched the 2012 title game 4 times. 

“I kept trying to figure out how you won the national championship with Anthony Davis scoring two points?” Clinton said. “But he had six blocked shots…I watched those six blocks. Anthony Davis was the first basketball player I ever saw who blocked shots laterally. 

With the development of this G League pathway deal and more options for guys to leave college, it's time to start hitting the recruiting world early. As far as I can tell this is a binding deal with the only out being Jasper sucks at basketball. If he ends up being a Zion, he has to be a Wildcat. Rules are rules and if his grandfather says it publicly, he has to follow through. 

Only difference is a Kentucky Zion makes a Final Four unlike a Duke Zion.