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April 20th Workout: Attack This Week Like Carole Baskin And Those Tigers Attacked Her Husband

4/6 Weigh-In: 331

4/20 Weigh-In: 314 lbs

It's Monday, April 20th aka 4/20 (Happy Holidays everyone) and for those of you who may be wondering if I'm still smoking weed the answer is emphatically yes. Not as much as I was but I still reward myself with a nice blunt or two in the evening/night. As long as you can stay disciplined to not eat after smoking I have no quarrels with it. Anyways, it's a fresh start to the week people. Whatever happened last week, good or bad, its over. This is a new chance to make this week your bitch. Attack this week like a lion attacks its prey in the wild, attack this week like Carole Baskin and those tigers attacked her husband. This is the start of my third official week of exercising and dieting and also might have been the hardest workout I've done. I'm sweating like a whore in church but I'll tell ya what I feel damn good. I got this workout from Erica Lugo, a trainer on the Biggest Loser. Here's today's workout:

10 Dead Lift Upright Rows x3

10 Burpees x3

10 Sumo Squat Overhead Presses x3

10 Curtsy Lunges with Forward Raises (each leg) x3

10 Alternating One Leg Burpees With Squat Hold x3

10 Leg Lifts with Press Crunch x3

8 Iso Leg Lift with Weighted Crunch (each leg) x3

30 Second Plank Hold x3

2.5 Mile Walk