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Michael Jordan Not Stepping Up And Intervening In The Scottie Pippen Contract Situation Is An Embarrassment

That title is a bit harsh, but it's true. Michael Jordan should have one thousand percent spoken up on Scottie's behalf to help him fix his contract prior to the '97-'98 season. If you have no idea what I'm talking about, read KFC's blog from this morning where he argues the opposite. The problem with his blog is that it ignored the fact that Michael should have been a human being. It's really as simple as that. He should have seen the stress it was causing Scottie and the damage it was doing to the TEAM (which he was so obsessed with) and intervened. Period end of story. 

If he had walked into Jerry Reinsdorf's office and said, "If Scottie doesn't get paid, I'm not stepping on that court" this whole nightmare could've been avoided. It's no skin off his back- only upside. All reward and no risk. Worst case scenario they tell him to fuck off and it's back to square one and he and Scottie have a stronger relationship because of it. Instead he kept his mouth shut and tried to make it about Scottie being selfish.

Here's the part from KFC's blog that got me: 

I understand how grotesque this looks but dont hate the player, hate the game. Its not Michael Jordan's fault that Scottie Pippen came from extreme poverty, with 2 handicapped family members and not a pot to piss in. Its not MJ's fault that Scottie signed the first multi million dollar deal that came his way. Its not his fault that Scottie didnt wait for that new Collective Bargaining Agreement. Its not his fault Scottie's agent couldnt advise him better. And its certainly not his fault that hes the greatest of all time, the most competitive of all time, the most shrewd of all time, and got every penny he was worth. 

I see it from both sides, but at the end of the day, everyone is responsible for their own money, and doing their own job.

No one is saying that it's Jordan's fault. All people are saying is that he should've went to bat for Scottie when clearly he was getting fucked over. You're the most powerful athlete in the world. Put your nuts on the table for Christ's sake. That's what a good teammate does. If you've got the power, use it. And yeah I understand this was obviously a very complex situation with intricacies that I, nor the general public will ever fully understand, but that's how I feel. Whattaya gonna do. 

All's well that ends well. Scottie ended up getting paid and the Bulls won the Championship. See you next Sunday. 

PS: We broke the whole thing down on Breakfast this morning. Give it a listen if you get bored of fake working at home.

PPS: Still love you, Michael.