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With All Respect To Jamie Moyer And Coley Mick, This Vince Carter Stat Is The Most Absurd Stat I've Enjoyed At My Leisure

Coley has started a blog series with absurd stats to enjoy at our leisure. I enjoy stats, I enjoy leisure, I enjoy Coley. We call that a win-win-win. 

But with all due respect to Coley, I found this one and it's my new favorite absurd stat. Yes, you can say things like Vince Carter was drafted before Trae Young was born. You can say that Vince is 40 and he's still playing. But when you start tossing in a percentage of NBA players that Vince has ever played about? That's when it starts to get insane. 

I thought Jamie Moyer blew my mind away last week

Nearly 40% of all NBA players is just such an outrageous number. I understand time and I understand Vince is technically an old that will still dunk on your head, but 40% of all NBA players ever? That's flat out ridiculous. It's his second greatest achievement after dunking on Frederic Weis he flat out ruined his career.