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People Are Saying That Men With Yellow Trucks Piss Sitting Down And Need To Move From Texas

About a week and a half ago, I think... impossible to be sure- all the days run together like a high school cross country team...anyway. About a week and a half ago my beloved 2004 F250 with sub 50k miles on it was stolen. Of all the possessions I've ever had in my life, the truck was my favorite. I was much sadder about it leaving than I would have thought. 

Well, after insurance money and COUNTLESS hours looking at new trucks on like 7 different car buying apps, I decided to not get an actual new truck. Even with the deep discounts, I just couldn't stomach forking over 40k or so to find something that was equivalent to my old truck. I dont have Davey Day Trader money and one needs to be frugal in this economy. Don't get me wrong, the options are unreal. I haven't looked at new trucks in a long time. Cooling seats. Trailer assist. Soft leather. Carplay. GPS tracking. So many new things that I hadn't paid attention to. Even still, I didn't wanna pay those prices and truth be known, I had one real desire. Yellow. Turns out they dont make new yellow trucks. Weird. Really missing a HUGE market. 

I've always wanted a yellow vehicle. I remember going to the book fair with 7 dollars in my pocket and walking out with a poster that had a yellow lambo on it. I felt like a fucking BOSS with that on my wall and have wanted a yellow vehicle ever since. 

"But Chaps, yellow is a color for pussies and cowards."

Don't care. I like what I like which happens to be yellow and lavender. Lavender would be a ridiculous color for a truck. I know. I looked into painting my old one lavender. It was like 8k though. Maybe if I would have done that, it wouldnt have been stolen. 

Good point, Rafiki!

I stumbled across the truck I eventually bought. It has higher miles, is a 2009 model, has a torn seat, some paint chips, factory speakers and head units, stock rims and tires, no lift, and kinda smells like smoke, and is yellow. I LOVE IT.  

Now, despite being a Marine and a dad for nearly 15 years now, I don't know SHIT about cars or trucks as far as maintenance or upgrades goes. Being stuck at home as finally given me the motivation to try and learn. So, I'll be starting Chaps' Garage. I'll be learning, or attempting to learn, about how to install upgrades, change out equipment, and, essentially, how to just simply turn wrenches. I'm excited. I'll be streaming live so you'll see all the frustrations, all the outbursts, all of the self-doubt, and hopefully, all of the progress. 

I got some shipping notifications from Ebay this morning. Some of the items are on their way. When they arrive, we'll start. I'm looking forward to replacing my 2004 F250 Lariat Diesel 4x4 that was bulletproofed with a 2009 Dodge Ram 1500 2wd 4.7L V8 that just so happens to be YELLOW. I LOVE YELLOW AND I DONT CARE WHO KNOWS IT. 

I use my haters to fuel me. I have plenty of fuel now; it's just not diesel anymore. Get it? Anyway, here's some mean tweets about my beloved new truck.