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How About ESPN Blatantly Disrespecting President Obama Last Night?

I said it before and I'll say again, my only nerve going into the MJ documentary is that we'd get too much Oprah or Justin Timberlake or the like. Thought ESPN would cram it down our throats just as a way to really get all these different viewpoints. And I'm sure all that shit is coming in the next couple parts, but overall a very clean experience from the perspective of listening to celebrities babble on and on about nothing through 1 & 2. Almost no painful moments last night. 


And then there's Barack Obama, the 44th President of the United States of America. Former Illinois Senator. The guy who ordered Bin Laden dead. Same guy who indirectly ruined Rod Blagojevich and the Preexisting Condition while taking down a Nobel Peace Prize in virtually the same year. Regardless of what side of the aisle you're on, there's a lot of things you can call Barack Obama to set the stage for an opinion. 


And honestly that might be the single most disrespectful way to to do it. Calling someone a Former Resident you might as well just label them a traitor and exile them to Elba. The guy moved to DC to run the world for fucksake maybe give him a little credit in the process ESPN? Spare me the Common Man argument too. I know this is all part of the mystique and aura that Obama is just one of the guys. Just a former resident here to talk about the legacy. No different than Eddie's best friend the mailman John from Dog Walk. Just a guy around town during the rise. Ho hum Barack Obama wipes his ass sitting down just like you and me. Who knew he was such a regular Joe? 

I'll tell you who. The producers of this documentary. They know when they had the graphics team mocking up titles they thought it would be all cute and funny to lump Obama's opinion in with everyone else's and I'm here to tell you that's immensely disrespectful. ESPN should be ashamed of itself. There are currently 4 living former United States Presidents and you will recognize each of them by with every ounce of respect and dignity that title fucking bestows or so help me god I'll continue to say means things about you on this blog. And trust me, you won't appreciate my tone you little pussies. 

Respect the fucking office.