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I Need $2,223.74 To Buy These Special Edition MJ Oakleys That No One Remembers From 1998

I don't necessarily consider this blog a cry for help as much I'm just putting it out there that it would be fucking awesome if someone had $2,223.74 to give me so I can get the Oakley Mars MJ edition circa 1998. It was right after he hit the shot over Russell for the 6th title in his 6th NBA Finals appearance that Oakley finally decided to launch their boldest take on modern eye-ware behind the world's biggest superstar

Alexa. More images.

Alexa define electricity:

Now you're probably wondering who would pay $500 for a stage prop from Mad Max Fury Road but let me remind you this was 1998. The stock market was hot, the internet had yet to ruin mom & dad's way of life while Oakleys were just making their way onto every kid's birthday wish list. It was a perfect mix of circumstances to convince a husky adolescent Barstool Carl that I needed the leather frames.

I'll trade anyone a box of Barstool Chicago St. Patrick's Day merch for these sunglasses. Unsurprisingly we have a lot of mediums left so if you're some hotshot real estate broker and want to make a fair trade, hit me up.