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Scottie Pippen Was SEVERELY Underpaid By The Bulls, So He Did ALL Of The Commercials To Make Up For It

Larsa Pippen with the petty tweet. Larsa didn't need a Bleacher Report article about his career earnings though. She knows ex-act-ly how much money Pip has because...they got divoreced in 2018. And she's not the only one. In the documentary, Pippen talked about having a big family and wanting to take care of his parents, etc. Well he has more people to take care of than just the people who raised him. Scottie and Larsa have four children. Scottie also has one kid with his first wife, Karen. He also has a daughter with a woman named Yvette, and another daughter with another woman named Sonia. 7 kids with four women sounds VERY expensive. Which is probably why Scottie was perpetually side hustling with some of the best/worst commercials known to man

"Ladies, let's have a party"--Scottie Pippen, story of his life. 

"I'm not gonna fuck up my summer...I have obscure Italian supplement ads to shoot"--Scottie Pippen

Flip phones…probably still uses one

When you got a lot of mouths to feed and you're the 122nd highest paid player in the NBA you gotta do what you can. Scottie also had commercials with Nike, McDonalds, and Right Guard. You couldn't turn on your TV in the 90s in Chicago without seeing a Pippen ad. And none of them touched the Mr Submarine commercial. Put it in the hall of fame.