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It's 4/20 So Let's Talk About Jeff Spicoli, The Greatest Stoner Of All Time

Speaking of GOATs, Jeff Spicoli arguably the greatest stoner of all time, fictional or otherwise. Dude turned Fast Times at Ridgemont High from a good movie into a great movie almost singlehandedly, so in light of it being 4/20, I thought it'd be good to run back some Jeff Spicoli highlights. 

It's Monday, you don't want to work, and you're curbing an insatiable appetite to kill your boss while you toil in your cube living room. Oh and first, a link to the uncensored Phoebe Cates pool scene:

Quarantine has me PEAK horny. But this isn't about Phoebe Cates and her phenomenal rack, it's about Jeff Spicoli. I love that man. Just so chill and low maintenance.  All he needs are some tasty waves, a cool buzz and he's fine. I couldn't give Spicoli justice with my words, though. I'll let his highlight reel do the talking for me:

MJ, Frank Thomas, Peyton Manning and Jeff Spicoli. All GOATs that are less than a god, but more than a man.