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"The Last Dance" Gave Matt Forte Major Sunday Scaries Last Night

Last night, former Bears RB Matt Forte was pissed off, and for good cause:

Like the rest of us, he was disgusted when he learned about Jerry Krause's transgressions in his last few years as Bulls' GM.  And that was one of last night's biggest takeaways: Jerry Krause looked really bad in the first two parts of "The Last Dance". 

Actually, I take that back. He looked fucking PUTRID. I typed in "fuck Jerry Krause" into the Twitter search bar and there were about a billion results:

It went on, and on, and on, and on…. and then former NFL WR Torrey Smith threw this tweet out there: 

Pretty harmless, considering that dead guy was taking about as much internet shrapnel as anyone ever for one night. But one thing stuck out to me; former Bears (great) RB Matt Forte was dealing with a MAD case of the scaries watching Jerry Krause break apart that roster. 

Oh goddamnit! Just what we needed, more Bears drama. It's almost summertime, we're supposed to be free and clear of this kinda shit right now. A lot of us just got the entire backstory of how the Bulls dynasty was murdered in cold blood by one singular man for the first time, so we don't need to be reminded that the Bears also fucked up a few great teams too. We can't just ignore his followup tweets though. 

Phil Emery was just about the worst general manager in the history of general managing. I don't care what profession it is; I could be talking about the GM of a billion dollar sports franchise or the GM of a local fast food restaurant. Phil Emery flat out STUNK at his job. He was so bad that Bears' great Matt Forte felt the need to air out his shit in the midst of the documentary being on the mind of the entire country (world?), and Forte is a widely noted good guy who keeps his mouth shut usually.

But to Emery's defense, most GM's have to eliminate the human element of their job. They should absolutely operate as if each player is a number, at least 99% of the time. It's tough to do, but they gotta put their job and the organization before their feelings of players. That said… he stunk at everything there was to stink at as far as GMing goes.

But then we see that it wasn't just him fucking up the Bears, it was shocker Jerry Angelo too:

Awesome. So in one fell swoop, we watch a documentary of the systematic and organizational dismantling of what's maybe the best dynasty in North American sports history and are reminded that leadership also fucked up what could have been another championship or two a few miles away on the lake front. 

Oh yeah, one more thing: I would have LOVED to get Jerry Krause's perspective on everything that went down in the late 1990s for this documentary. Obviously there are two sides to every story, but the documentary made him look awful in its first two parts. It's just wild to me that Krause, a former fucking White Sox scout, was tasked with building a team around the GOAT, but had an ego so big that he entertained the thought of trading said GOAT, then told the head coach that he could have gone 82-0 and still get shown the door. Talk about a power trip, huh?