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No Offense Big Cat But These Are The Best T-Shirts Barstool Chicago Has Ever Sold

Maybe I'll listen to arguments that the original Yabo tees are #1 but at the same time

Whatever the reality, I'm here to argue on behalf of our new feature t-shirt If He Goes which you can buy here. We got three colors for all you Johnny Variety's out there so spare me on all the customer service emails. You guys look great in whatever you want, but we made it in red white and black just in case you have a particular preference. Find another smut blog turned comedy site turned gambling site turned Michael Jordan nostalgic factory that's able to supply such robust demand like this. While you look (and fail) I'll be over here slinging hall of fame merch consistent with the subject matter. 

Don't be the only virgin at the pool this summer that doesn't have MJ swag. Buy now and save a life