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Danny Ainge Is To Blame For Jordan's Huge 63 Point Game

Boy oh boy do I bet Danny Ainge was relieved the Celts won that Game 2. To be fair he was still pretty awesome in that game to the tune of 24/4/5 on 8-13 shooting and not only that but this was coming off beating Jordan in golf. I'm surprised he was even alive when this game took place. The only problem is he woke up the beast. As impressive as he may have been, as we know from Larry Bird it was pretty clear that God was disguised as Michael Jordan that night. If we're being honest, I don't think I ever heard that story about Ainge taking Jordan's lunch money on the links right before that game. That's the Danny Ainge I know and love. 

I can only imagine how pissed everyone was at Ainge for being the reason they had to overcome that performance that night. If Bill Walton is mad at you then you know you fucked up big time. Again, thankfully they pulled that game out and continued their path to becoming one of the greatest teams the NBA has ever seen but I think its safe to say Ainge dodged quite the bullet. 

He taunted MJ, talked shit to MJ, won money off MJ, then beat MJ in basketball. What an absolute legend