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What's The Most Ridiculous Part About Scottie Pippen: Being An Equipment Manager In College Or Being The 6th Highest Paid Player On The Bulls?

Pretty simple question here - what is more ridiculous, the fact that Scottie Pippen started his college career as the equipment manager at an NAIA school or being the 6th highest paid player on the Bulls? He was the 122nd highest paid player in the NBA! Scottie Pippen! That makes no sense. Yes, I understand how contracts work and that he signed a 7-year 18 million dollar deal in 1991. But still, you'd think there'd be some sort of reward for a guy who is clearly the 2nd best player on your roster. A guy who is the best wing defender in the league. That's gotta be the worst agent ever, right?

Then in the other corner is Pippen being a damn equipment manager at Central Arkansas. Then he decided to grow another 7 inches and become this freak athlete who still had a bunch of guard skills. Fucking absurd. Watching those clips of him in college was one of the more jarring things I can remember.

So which one you got? 

PS: Him being called Scott Pippen on draft night was a close third.