What A Reveal During The Last Dance! - The Team's Nickname During MJ's Rookie Year Was 'The Bulls Traveling Cocaine Circus'

Nobody loved that more than MJ. Look at that laugh. That's a hearty chuckle! That's a man who 100% hated this but now knowing how successful he was loved it. What an outrageous name too. A traveling cocaine circus! Even the Jail Blazers think that's mean. It also gave us the biggest lie of the documentary

Yeah, I'm sure MJ did nothing but laundry and sip on OJ and 7up at all times. I'm suurrrrreee of it. Absolutely hilarious to see Jordan's reaction to this as he has a HEAVY pour next to him too. It might be 35 years later, but the fact he's laughing about this nickname, knowing he was about to turn the entire city of Chicago around. Fucking ruthless. 

What a name. Here come the Chicago Bulls traveling cocaine circus. Print the shirts.