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The Biggest Thing I've Learned From The MJ Doc So Far Is That Jerry Krause Always Looked Like He Just Farted

Pretty obvious from early on that The Last Dance is going to hate Jerry Krause inside and out, and honestly I have zero problem with that fact. From everything I lived through, know and continue to learn about, this is the biggest jerk off in the history of wanting credit in the history of jerk offs wanting credit. But even so, Jerry should be remembered for something more than anything else: an unrelenting need to fart. Seriously look at some of these faces. This is the look of a man who once dreamt of smothering you with a perfect dutch oven. This is a guy who would order an extra bowl of french onion just because he liked the way toasted provolone smells coming out of his ass. There's nothing I've ever been more certain about than Jerry Krause's dedication to a home-baked piece of ass and for that reason I think we need to view Jerry in a different frame. Yes he's about to get his legacy absolutely fucking dragged across the sun in a national spectacle. But I want to keep it real. He likes a good fart and for that reason alone he's no different than any of us other than you know his ass was hot and wet. He didn't let small ones go. Gyro-level ass only, extra tzatziki, no questions.