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Reminder: Peyton Manning IS NOT A Super Fan And Needs To Get The Fuck Off My Television Screen

I know we just started the MJ doc but I have to get this out there before my life gets consumed with nostalgia and A+ related content. I need the world to know. I can't risk that it's next Sunday and we're in the same situation. Someone, anyone, help me out. Get Peyton Manning THE FUCK off my television screen in a Bears uniform. Absolute bananaland that we let this happen starting with George Went and ending with the guy holding the boom mic on set and everyone in between. Fuck every single one of you idiots who let this happen. 

I'm not linking to it, but newsflash Peyton Manning beat us in a Super Bowl. Imagine the New England Patriots using Eli Manning in a fucking promo just because it's cute and funny and, oh yeah, ESPN sucks. Anyone who thinks this cute should be taken out back and shot like Old Yeller. I'm talking 12 gauge through your mouth and out the back of your goddamn neck that's how stupid you are. 

I get we're all in on MJ for the next 5 weeks but we don't have to be complete mindless assholes in the process. That starts with getting Peyton Manning the fuck off my TV and definitely out of a Walter Peyton jersey. If Peyton wants to be that socially relevant maybe open up the recruiting channels on your nephew or come up with your own culturally significant sketch for Saturday Night Live Barstool Chicago. Until then honestly and sincerely please get the fuck out of my life you fraud pervert.