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#TheLastDance Episode 1 Notes

Just a few quick live notes from the first episode of "The Last Dance". Maybe we'll discuss these further on tomorrow's Mickstape. Maybe we won't. Who can really say for sure?

  • Michael Jordan was much cooler than everyone else. This is the hard-hitting analysis you come to Whiskers for. This the context that you just cannot get from Basketball-Reference or Youtube
  • I get that the 1998 team was breaking down but having to answer repeated questions about if it's time to rebuild after winning five rings in seven seasons is absurd.
  • Michael Wilbon is from Chicago? Illinois?? This is the first time I've heard him mention this.
  • The scene where MJ parked his car in the middle of the parking lot and walked in the practice facility? If you didn't tell me who it was walking in, I would have guessed it was Kobe. That's how well Kobe perfected the MJ walk.
  • I still can't get over this. Imagine Bob Myers telling Steve Kerr this after another successful season:
  • Young Phil Jackson looked a lot like Groucho Marx.
  • "I feel like nobody could defend Michael"- Sidney Moncrief, reigning 2x Defensive Player of the Year. He said this after winning the second of his DPOY awards (1983,1984) in reference to a 21-year-old Michael Jordan in his rookie season. Christ.
  • I can't prove it but I'm willing to recklessly speculate that the quote below from Bobby Knight sparked the beef between MJ and Isiah Thomas, Knight's former player.

Episode 2 thoughts coming soon. Check out the postgame that Eddie, Carl and I did right after episode two finished last night.