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MJ > LeBron


I could sit here and blab and scream and holler and all that bullshit or I could just have you guys look at the numbers. I can send you the hard data. I can make you objectively evaluate this decision no different than whether you should ride your bike or drive to the grocery store. You look at the weather, you visualize the conditions and you make your educated decision. This is the exact same shit. I'm asking you to consider the factors and circumstances. It's MJ vs. LeBron. Would you rather have someone who is 6-0 in the NBA Finals or someone who couldn't get past Dirk Nowitzki and Jason Terry? I mean how fucking complicated do we really need to make this? 

From my perspective, the next 5 weeks are a gift for so many reasons but possibly none more important than unequivocally settling this stupid fucking debate. LeBron is an ingrown hair on MJ's ass from sitting at the poker table too long and nothing more. Please don't ever forget it after we're done with The Last Dance. What we should get over the next 10 episodes is a look at the most ferocious competitor of our lifetimes. A guy who bet his entire legacy on being the absolute best regardless of personal reputation and inner peace. On good authority - he didn't even green light the release until the Warriors broke his team Win record and LeBron had beat the Warriors in the finals. Not until then did MJ feel compelled to bring this doc to your living room so let that settle in with respect to what kind of crazy asshole competitor we're talking about. Literally the only reason we're about to watch this is to remind everyone how much better MJ is than anyone else in the history of his sport. 

It feels good typing this. I love MJ and I love that we're about to collectively share in his greatness like I'm that same 11 year old doughy kid in his driveway shooting freethrows in a faded black Jordan 23. Honestly I couldn't be more delighted provided we can all reasonably agree that MJ is soooooo much better than LeBron and that the next 5 weeks are the biggest blessing the sports gods could ever bestow upon us. As long as we agree on that then we should be good.