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Draymond Green Destroyed Dahntay Jones In His Post-Game Press Conference After Jones Bumped Him During An Interview



A nice casual bump on the way by during Green’s national TV interview led to this:




Andddd he’s dead. Dahntay Jones is dead. Eviscerated by Draymond Green. Send flowers to along with all your Ts&Ps to the Jones family. Ruthless press conference. This is what we need to see more of. He could have gone with the old fashioned “no comment”…but instead just went balls to the wall and tore into Dahntay Jones perfectly. When he said Jones wasn’t on TV that day because the Clips didn’t make any good plays so the camera never panned to the bench was murder in broad daylight. If you’re Dahntay Jones I’m not sure how you ever show up again. Draymond Green is going to be a max-contract guy, and I’m not sure anyone knew Dahntay was still in the league. The guy is averaging .9 ppg. .9! And now he’s deceased. RIP.