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The Anticipation Surrounding "The Last Dance" Is Absolutely Absurd

The day has finally come. After twenty some odd years, all the footage that then 'President of NBA Entertainment' Adam Silver had collected during the Bulls famed '97-98 season is set to air in five two-hour blocks on ESPN starting tonight. I'm not going to lie, I've been caught up in the hype just as much as everyone else. It's hard not to be when every sports outlet on the planet is covering it like it's the goddamn Super Bowl. And you know what? It kind of is. 2020's Super Bowl is a documentary about a twenty-two year old team winning a championship...and I'm fine with that. We all know the outcome yet somehow it's still fascinating. The thought alone of getting a glimpse into the mind of the greatest to ever do it has the entire world, in the words of Johnny Most, "waiting with bated breath." Will it live up to the hype? It's tough to tell, but the ratings are going to be massive. How can they not be with the amount of attention this series has been getting. Even it sucks it'll do well based simply on the fact that there is nothing else to watch in terms of sports. ESPN could play a highlight reel and people would call it the greatest thing ever. 

We're an hour out and I'm excited. Barstool Breakfast will be breaking down the whole thing tomorrow so make sure to tune into Sirius XM Channel 85 at 9 AM. Here's a link to sign up for Sirius if you don't already have it. Enjoy.