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Sebastian Maniscalco's Cousin - Also Named Sebastian Maniscalco - Kills Intruder Trying Invade His Home

NY Post - Comedian Sebastian Maniscalco’s cousin thanked police and neighbors for their support after he killed an armed home invader in self-defense earlier this month. The cousin, who shares the same name as the famous comic, offered his appreciation in a Facebook post after going through “the most challenging last few days for our family.” “There are no words to be found to appropriately define the ongoing aftermath of this event for our family,” Maniscalco wrote last week. “We are doing our best and praying each following day will bring better than the last. With all of this distress, our family has been blessed with the most incredible outpour of concern for our family.” Maniscalco shot and killed Larry Brodacz, 58, after Brodacz and Bradley Finnan, 39, forced their way into Maniscalco’s family home in Arlington Heights, Illinois, during an attempted armed robbery caught on dramatic doorbell footage, according to Cook County Prosecutors. The two were both armed and planned to retrieve $200,000 they thought was stashed inside the home on Saturday, April 4. Finnan said Brodacz saw the cash in boxes in the home 20 years ago and believed it was still there, according to prosecutors. Finnan also told investigators he knew Brodacz from a car dealership where the two worked — but the family did not know either of the men.  Maniscalco managed to fight off Finnan and chase him outside as Brodacz followed Maniscalco’s wife and two children up to a second-floor bedroom with his gun drawn, prosecutors said. Brodacz broke through the bedroom door, pushed the children onto the bed and pointed his gun at Maniscalco’s wife as she begged him not to shoot, prosecutors said. Finnan has been captured and faces murder charges under an Illinois statute that allows for such crimes to be levied against suspects if they take part in a felony offense that leads to another person’s death. After Maniscalco chased off Finnan, he retrieved his own gun and fatally shot Brodacz in the abdomen.

I'm late to this big old murder party, but man what a story and what a video. Scary shit. Sebastian Maniscalco's cousion, Sebastian Maniscalco (you goddam I-Talians. If my mom's sibling also named their kid Kevin that would be so ridiculous), on his Under Armour shit - We Must Protect This HOWSE! And what a dramatic plot. 2 scumbags from the car dealership off of Route 14 plan a Corona Caper to steal cash boxes they caught a glimpse of from 20 years ago. Bust in the house, hold the family at gun point, while Sebastian Maniscalco 2.0 beats the shit out of one guy and kills the other. If you're gonna carry a gun you better be ready to fire it, and it sounds like one guy was ready to and 2 guys were NOT. 

Extremely rare to see the "good guy with a gun" rhetoric play out but thats exactly what happened here. Its time like this that I feel like such a gigantic pussy. I mean as far as I'm concerned Sebastian Maniscalco 2.0 is a goddam super hero. Like some true John MacLean shit. I cant even imagine fighting off one guy and killing another while my family sits on the bed scared they're about to be murdered. Jesus fucking Christ thats traumatic. And now Mr. and Mrs. Maniscalco have gotta pick up the pieces and talk their children through this and try to make sure they arent scarred and terrified for the rest of their lives. Thats honestly the worst part. Rot in Hell, Larry. And rot in your cell, BRADLEY. Because the repercussions from something like this linger on way way longer after your ears stop ringing from the gunshots. Just so fucked up. Add in the fact that they chose to do this during the pandemic and I wish he got both of them. What a couple of atrocious humans. 

PS - I would absolutely love to be a fly on the wall when The Family gets together again and talks about this event. Can you imagine Sebastian 1 and Sebastian 2 and their fathers and brothers all getting together and motherfucking that cocksuckin, son of a bitch Mick, Bradley Finnan?? The amount of "AYE!" "OH!" coming out of that Family Meeting?? I can just picture Sebastian 1.0 flailing his arms and legs. Flicking his chin and doing all the other hand motions that mean fuck you. "Figlio di puttana! Mangia merde e morte! Mortacci tua! A fanabla!" I'd love to see that scene. Like his role in The Irishman. Godfather 4 type shit right there.