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A Current College Hoops Coach Dropped An AWESOME Story Involving MJ Losing His Shit Because Of Kobe And The Dream Team

Yep, of course, OF COURSE Jordan would get pissed about this. You could pose this question on Twitter right this second and people will lose their mind one way or another. You could argue that the Redeem Team would win because of shooting and the fact that you had a past their prime Bird/Magic Johnson and the 2008 last man was better than Laettner and people would fight. You could say the Dream Team would win because of Jordan and bigs like Ewing and Robinson in their prime and people would fight. 

But the fact is Jordan would be living if there's any sort of hypothetical that would have his team losing. Shit, we're talking about Kobe - a guy who everyone says is the most like Jordan - saying EXACTLY what Jordan would say here and he's pissed. That makes it even better. Like if they ask Jordan this, he's 100% saying they are going to beat the Redeem Team or the 2012 team. Not even a question for him. 

I love that Moton - the head coach at North Carolina Central - refused to answer too. He was too smart to say that Kobe may be able to play him to a draw essentially. Make sure you get paid from that Fantasy Camp before having to bet him on the golf course. Just an A+ decision there. I'm sure we'll get more stories like this over the next month and I'm here for that. Mostly because I LOVED that 2008 Team USA. I still remember having a party at college before classes started for that middle of the night game vs Spain. One of the best games ever: