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Jim Boeheim Is a 75 Year Old Man Who Can Still Make An NBA Three Point Shot

What is that shooting form Reags? That's the shooting form of a made 3 point basket from a 75 year old man. Do me a favor and take Calipari's dick out of your mouth for just one second. Just imagine what your physique is going to look like when you're 75 years old. There is no way I'm alive to see that day, but if by some miracle I am I'll be on my couch and get exhausted at the thought of any physical activity. Getting me to go for a walk will be a challenge, never mind picking up a basketball and draining a jumper from NBA 3 point range. I think if most 75 year olds tried what Jim did here they'd turn to dust instantaneously. 

When you're 75 years old you throw form right out the window. Just get it there and pray. So what if it was a two hand push shot? Who gives a shit? You really want to rag on form? Shawn Marion played 16 seasons in the association with the worst form imaginable and he was in peak physical shape. Fuck outta here on form. Lonzo Ball? Kevin Knox? Just make the shot. 

You accomplish anything when you're 75 you deserve compliments and only compliments. 

P.S. Boeheim's house looks like a decent spot to be stuck during quarantine.