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Jim Boeheim Has No Idea How The Hell To Shoot A Basketball

I'm going to ask this politely. What the fuck is this? This is one of the grossest shooting forms I've ever seen. It makes me want to throw up. Hey, Jimmy B, BEEF for me one time. Last time I checked BEEF stood for balance, eyes, elbow, follow through. Not two hand push shot and pray. Spare me that he made it. A blind squirrel can find a nut or whatever cliche comparison you want to use here. What does make a lot of sense is looking at how shitty the Syracuse offense has been the last few years. This year was the massive upgrade and they still were just 21st nationally (the best they've been since 2011-12). 

Gotta assume Syracuse players or recruits see this and second guess going there. That or they just walk to Gerry McNamara on the bench and beg for him to help with shooting instead. Just an embarrassing performance here from Jimmy B, who might actually retire now after this - something he said he was going to do 4 years ago or so now. 

This legit looks like Larry David as Bernie Sanders as Jim Boeheim. Had to double check a few times it wasn't. 

PS: The JB on the home court is cocky as shit.