Today The Internet Is Celebrating The *Other* Greatest Michael To Ever Do It

"The Last Dance" premiering on the 15th anniversary of the Office vs the Warehouse could not have been better timing if they tried. Not that they need the extra marketing, but man, every 4th tweet this morning is about Michael Scott comparing him to Michael Jordan, and not for nothing, as much as I generally dislike wacky bits, a few of the photoshops gave me a hearty laugh out loud

That was an all time episode though. Very early and set the stage for who Michael was. Him because absolutely disgusted by Stanley will still get a laugh the millionth time I watch it 

As will Dwight nailing a shot and Michael looking at him in disgust going "Dwight, I was open".

Some are saying Michael Scott had to walk so Michael Jordan could fly. Some. 

Not for nothing, I'm very excited to watch the documentary tonight. Love when we can get deeper looks in DC sports legends. It's going to be great.