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God DAMNIT I needed that. No, WE needed that. We needed that like we needed air to breath. It may not be MLB, but beggars can't be choosers right now.

3 straight brush backs followed by a bean ball right to the ass. That, my friends, is perfect execution. Sure, maybe Sosa meant to drill him on his first 3 attempts, but the hitter standing in the box knowing he's a sitting duck is just fantastic. Reminds me back in HS when we'd whip out the pitching machine in practice. If you saw two of your teammates laughing and fucking around with the speed of the wheels you knew you were catching one to the rib cage the next pitch, and it always sucked but it was always hilarious. 

The benches clearing without anybody throwing any actual punches was great too. THAT'S REAL BASEBALL! Fucking love it. I don't speak Taiwanese or anything but would love to know how to say "fuck you" because you knew that was thrown around quite a bit too. Inject all of this into my veins 

PS - was recently told "not if, but when MLB resumes". Don't have anything other than that, but take it for what it's worth.