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The Amount Of Greatness In This One Photo Is Absurd

Like everyone else with a pulse, I am spending my Sunday staring at the clock waiting for The Last Dance to premiere. Even if you're a hockey hardo and hate the NBA and basketball, or even if you're someone who doesn't even watch sports like a weirdo, everyone is pumped for this. Everyone is going to be watching. All the LeBron fans out there are currently getting their drafts ready for tonight so they can tweet about how much better he is than Jordan because they're insecure. Expect to see a lot of "plumber" jokes that are just not funny but it's all they have at this point. The point is tonight is the most important night of this entire quarantine. 

Well, on such a huge night for basketball fans everywhere, it was nice to see the legend himself, Bill Russell, come from the clouds with yet another W. Oh, we're talking NBA Dynasties tonight? Let me just remind the world where that idea even started. That's how you do it. Pretty crazy that one photo contains 17 NBA championships (11-1 for Russell, 6-0 for Jordan). I can't think of any sort of picture with two athletes from the same league that could come anywhere close. Two of the greatest winners in the history of sports who also happen to possess a level of competitiveness that mere mortals can't even begin to comprehend. 

There's just something about the subtle way Russell continues to find way to flex about his dominance that will always make me chuckle. I'd say whenever anyone else tries something similar they come off like a giant asshole. But not Bill. It's why there will never be another Russell, similar to how there will never be another MJ. Only like 9 more hours to go.....