VIDEO: Blueface's (Rapper) Mansion Was The Closest Thing We Got To UFC 249 Last Night

Let's start this bad boy off with a background on Blueface (yes, it's one word). He's a rapper from LA. 23-years-old. No idea his money situation outside of his estimated net worth of 4 million dollars. 

Blueface apparently isn't the biggest fan of social distancing, because he had a bunch of laaaaddddieessss over to his crib to shoot a music video. All hell broke loose while preparing to shoot said music video. Weaves were being torn off:

I've never seen a weave torn off in the wild, only on video. Boy does it seem electric to see that in person. 

The weave being torn off wasn't the only fighting going on in Blueface's crib (not sure if he owns it or just leasing):

The best part about all of this is Blueface happily put this out on his Instagram story. I can't blame him. That's great marketing. Nothing gets the people like weaves being taken and punches being thrown by laaaaadddieeesss.