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This Tweet From Dick Vitale And Tom Izzo Bitching About Transfers Is Everything That's Wrong With College Hoops

I don't know if you can hear but I'm making the largest fart sound in the game. Just shut the fuck up, Dickie V. Shut the fuck up Tom Izzo - especially when you bitched and moaned because you didn't have a transfer immediately eligible this season 

You quit the board because of this! You know why? Because Joey Hauser was exactly what you were missing at the four spot this year. He would have helped your preseason No. 1 team and instead you had to rotate and try to figure out who could play the four spot. It's as simple as that.

Spare me the bullshit that players need a year to adapt to the new team and the new system. Who gives a fuck? No one besides the coach. We don't make freshmen sit out a year because they adapt to a new system. Why should we punish kids for deciding to transfer? Let them have a one-time ability to transfer without having to sit out. They are student-athletes, right? That's what the NCAA tells us - so why punish them for transferring when regular students don't have to sit out year from anything when they transfer. It's because the NCAA has the most archaic rules than anything. 

Who gives a shit if this creates a free agency of sorts in college hoops. Guess what? We already have that. If a kid excels at a low-major and can improve his ability to make a pro career by going to a high-major, why should we punish that? Let the kid decide once to do it. I'm so fucking sick of people screaming that coaches need more help. They are paid a good amount of money to adapt to their team each year. This is part of it all.  

You know what's detrimental to the game? Not letting kids profit off of name, image and likeness. Why? Because more upperclassmen are leaving every year to go after a pro career. Yes, they aren't going to get drafted but guess what? There's more money than ever to play overseas. There are two-way contracts that we've seen become a decent option. They are taking advantage of this and will every single year. You want to 'fix the game' stop bitching about transfers and figure out how to keep fringe upperclassmen in college for a year.